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Gopher Wheelmen
Contact:  Matthew Sterling

Nomad Marketing Cycling Team

Contact:  Jason Lardy
Website:  Nomad Marketing

Contact:  Ryan Marsel
Website:  Little Guy Racing

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Is it a road bike?  A mountain bike?  A little of both, really.

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Intensity is the name of the game in cyclocross.

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Running, jumping - and bike riding???

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Cyclocross Categories and Upgrades

Cyclocross categories are initially established one of two ways:
(1)     For a new rider licensing with USA Cycling for the first time, the CX category starts at 4.
(2)     For a rider renewing his or her license, the CX category is initially established based on the road or MTB XC category currently held per the table below:

CX category based on road or XC category


 Road CategoryMTB XC Category
 CX Category
 1 Pro 1
 2 semi-pro 2
 3 expert 3
 4 or 5 beginner or sport 4





If the road and XC categories do not correspond to the same CX category, then the higher one will be used. If a rider upgrades his or her road or XC category during the season, the rider’s CX category can be upgraded to match the road or XC category by request of the rider or by request of the administrator.
As it is quite possible for someone to be a more skilled CX racer than would be indicated by either road category or MTB XC category, a rider may also upgrade his or her CX category independently by earning upgrading points according to the table below:

Requirements for upgrading via points:
4-3:      Experience in 5 races or 7 points in 12 months

3-2:      10 points in 12 months (two wins is an automatic upgrade)

2-1:      20 points in 12 months (two wins is an automatic upgrade)


Points awarded for Cyclocross Races

Number of Starters

 1 3 4 5 7
 2 2 3 4 5
 3 1 2 3 4
 4  1 2 3
 5   1 2
 6    1







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