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Train Fast and Hard for Cyclocross


CX season is fast approaching.  Of course, you’re taking the next few weeks to recuperate from the long road racing season, right?  Once you begin your CX training in earnest, it’s important to train for the unique needs of a cyclocross race.  CX races are short and intense, with small bits of running and jumping.  Your training should prepare you for those types of effort.

On-The-Bike Training

Forget your 5+ hour rides.  You are training for a 45-60 minute event, not Stage 14 of the Tour.  On the bike, think about sprints, acceleration and intervals. A good start in a CX race is crucial.  Short, very intense sprints (10 seconds or so) starting from a very low speed will help you improve your starts.  Be sure to recover fully for about a minute between efforts.  This will also help you maintain your place in the race after barriers.  Longer interval training (10-20 minutes of middle intensity) will help you stay connected to the group as well.


Running is an integral part of cyclocross.  Similar to the riding efforts, the running efforts in CX are short and intense.  Success with run-ups and barrier clearance mandate adequate running ability.  Mirror the types of sprints and intervals that you perform on the bike in your running shoes.  Include some hill running and bring your bike.  That will help you simulate race conditions.


Don’t neglect your mounts or dismounts.  Incorporate these skills into your running and cycling training efforts.  Hone your technique at lower speeds, but make sure to increase your speed so you’re comfortable getting on and off the bike at race pace.

Cyclocross demands unique training.  Be sure you’re preparing yourself for the work you’re about to do.

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