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MCF member clubs welcome new members of all levels. Here are just a few.
Speedfix Racing
Contact:  Andy Kruse
Coulee Region Youth Cycling
Contact:  Larry Martin
Minnesota Cycling Team
Contact:  Kevin Lennon

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Cyclocross Pedals
Look for aluminum pedals that are symmetrical, serrated on both sides, wide, light and inexpensive. Symmetry is important because any pedal becomes unbalanced when you add a toe clip, making it very difficult to flip over and slip your foot in; unbalanced pedals only increase the problem. Double-sided serration is important in case you need to ride on the back side of the pedal; it gives you a good surface with which to make contact.  Double-sided clipless pedals, which are common on mountain bikes, are very good and getting better all the time. 

Some tips: If your foot hangs up on the front pedal plate, attach a small ramp to guide your foot past it (a 2 or 3mm washer slipped between the pedal plate and toe clip also makes it easier to enter the pedal when you first flip it around). Toe clips should be doubled to prevent them from being broken or bent down to the pedal body when stepped on. The toe straps should be made of stiff leather and attached to the pedal on each side with rivets. Attach a plastic tab to help you tighten your straps should it become necessary.

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