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Contact:  Drew Ruggles


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Using a Mountain (or Road) Bike
Strip off all non-essential gear - spare tire, pump, fenders, water-bottle cages, and shocks. Remember, you'll be carrying this bike, and it should not be heavier than is absolutely necessary. As for suspension, it may be great for the long, steady efforts of mountain biking, but in cyclo-cross, you have to accelerate repeatedly on each lap - which is much easier on a lighter bike with a stiff fork.

The wheels should have as small a tire profile as the rims will accept (1.5” to 1.0”). You should consider adding road-style drop bars and bar-end shifters - this will help you carry your mountain bike more comfortably and allow more hand positions for maneuverability.

One other note: cyclo-cross is a mass-start race, and according to US Cycling Federation rules, bikes used in mass-start events may not have objects that protrude forward. This means no bar ends in USCF sanctioned cyclo-cross races. Remove them before race day and save yourself an unpleasant surprise at the start line.

When using a road bike, consider having a frame-builder add cantilever bosses to your fork and seat stays - cantilevers are a lot better than road calipers for stopping in all conditions. While you're at it, move your brake and chainstay bridges up a bit to allow for more tire clearance. Don't forget to swap your road pedals for something more suitable for the rigors of off-road riding.

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