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MCF member clubs welcome new members of all levels. Here are just a few.
Coulee Region Youth Cycling
Contact:  Larry Martin
Contact:  Jared Roy
Website:  Crossniacs
Shamrocks Racing
Contact:  Rob Danneker

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Cyclocross Clothing
It should fit skin-tight, especially shorts - you don't want any loose clothing snagging on your saddle when you're jumping on and off your bike. But remember, it's wintertime, which generally means bad weather. Your race-day bag should include clothes that layer well for temperature changes.

Shoes should be made with a soft toe and good traction for running, similar to mountain-bike shoes. If you are using toe clips, look for shoes that accept the old-style slotted cleat, which will help you pedal with 360 degrees of power.

Finally, consider buying (or borrowing) a shoulder pad like those common in women's clothing to sew inside the right shoulder of your jersey or skinsuit. It will minimize the bruising you can expect from dumping a bike on and off your shoulder.

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