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Gopher Wheelmen
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Contact:  Jared Roy
Website:  Crossniacs

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learning to race bikesSo you're ready to take your cycling to the next level.  Maybe you've outgrown the town line sprints with your buddies.  Maybe you're inspired by the pros climbing the French Alps.

Thinking about that first race can be daunting.  Fitness, nutrition, gear - all critical questions for aspiring racers.  We've created a place to answer all of these, and many other, questions.  Browse through these topics before you dive into the details of individual disciplines.


Your First Race

The hardest part of bike racing isn't cornering, climbing or pack sprints. The biggest obstacle is the anxiety that everyone feels before they pin on that first number and rll up to the starting line. You'll feel a little better once the race starts and a lot better when it's over. The next race will be easier because you'll know what to expect.

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Regardless of your discipline, proper training is a critical element of successful racing.  Here are some tips that you can use in developing your own training plan.  The most important thing you can do is get on your bike and ride!

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Cycling is one of the most intense calorie-burning exercises around.  Vigorous cycling burns more calories per hour than basketball, aerobics and weightlifting.  That means nutrition is critical to successful cyclists.  Well-balanced eating habits provide race fuel, enhance recovery and maintain strength and endurance.  Hydration is also essential to cyclists.  Racing depletes the body's fluids and essential minerals.  Racers must drink fluids consistently both on race days and non-race days.  Before, during and after racing, cyclists need to hydrate frequently to optimize performance.

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The language of cycling

Cycling has a language all its own.  Racers rock their favorite gruppo and slay their favorite race course or training route.  Race bikes have hoods, lugs and sometimes granny gears.  Races can feature blocking, hooking and towing.  And if racers don't do their intervals properly, they can go into oxygen debt.  We've broken out the decoder ring to provide this helpful cycling dictionary

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