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MCF member clubs welcome new members of all levels. Here are just a few.

Ramsey Cycling Club

Contact:  David Lunde


Athletes Under Construction
Contact:  Larry Martin

Flat City Cycling Club
Contact:  Matt Anderson

Find a race

No events scheduled

Weeks before the race

  • Join a club. Your clubmates will be your training partners. They'll also be there to support you when you do your first race.
  • Pick a race. Don't wait until you "feel ready" to race. No one EVER feels ready for their first race. Ask your clubmates for advice, pick a race and go for it.
  • Tell your clubmates that you're going. Better yet, find people to car pool with. First time racers usually feel like backing out at the last minute. If people are counting on you, you've limited your options.  Once the chance to back out is gone, the stress levels go way down.
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