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MCF member clubs welcome new members of all levels. Here are just a few.
Loon State Cyclists
Contact:  Mike Delaney
Website:  Loon State Cyclists
NSC Velo
Contact:  Bob Williams
Website:  NSC Velodrome
Saint Paul Bicycle Racing Club
Contact:  Tim LaBerge
Website:  Bianchi/Grand Performance

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No events scheduled

During the race

  • Drink lots of water if the race will last an hour or more.
  • Try to stay on a wheel (in a draft).
  • Try to stay between 5th and 10th place.
  • Resist the urge to chase down attacks or take long, hard pulls.
  • If you decide to attack, be decisive.
  • Avoid sudden motion (e.g. swerving, hard braking).
  • If you have a teammate in a breakaway with fewer than, say, 4 people, do not chase them. Give them the opportunity to stay away, and they will do the same for you. If people yell at you to pull through, ignore them.
  • If you have a flat tire or crash in a criterium, you can take a free lap. If you've left a wheel in the pit area, go and get it. The officials will place you back in the race at the back of the group you are with before you flatted.
  • Stay in the race, even if you get dropped from the main group. If you are about to be lapped, the chief official may ask you to withdraw from the race (they might not, too). If this happens, you must withdraw. However, don't drop out until they specifically tell you to do so.
  • There may be primes (lap prizes) offered during the race. The officials will announce the prime, and the winner of the next lap will get a merchandise prize (or cash in a USCF race). Stay near the front for these, even if you are not contesting the sprint, because the field will frequently split.
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