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Cycling is one of the most intense calorie-burning exercises around.  Vigorous cycling burns more calories per hour than basketball, aerobics and weightlifting.  That means nutrition is critical to successful cyclists.  Well-balanced eating habits provide race fuel, enhance recovery and maintain strength and endurance.  Hydration is also essential to cyclists.  Racing depletes the body's fluids and essential minerals.  Racers must drink fluids consistently both on race days and non-race days.  Before, during and after racing, cyclists need to hydrate frequently to optimize performance.



Balance - every kid knows the food pyramid.  We tend to forget it as we get older.  Regular meals that include grains, protein and green & leafies provide a solid foundation for bike racers.  Refresh your memory at:

Energy - Food is fuel.  Diet planning throughout the week and especially on race day should center on storing, and then replenishing the calories you expend during training rides and on race day.  During the week, complex carbs help lay an energy foundation.  Pre- and post-race foods should include simple sugars to provide fuel.

Strength - Proteins and complex carbs are critical to strength and endurance.  As your cycling progresses, your body will need these nutrients to maintain your fitness.  Vegetarians can look to foods like beans, nuts and dairy products for protein.

Planning Pre-Race Meals

Cycling is an endurance sport.  Sustained energy plays a big role in performance during a race.  Good nutrition is one of the main contributors to a racer’s energy level.  Timing pre-race meals carefully is as important as choosing food items and portions wisely.  Here is the first installment of 3 on pre-race meals.



Regular - Water should be a constant companion throughout the day, regardless of your level of activity.  Experts disagree on the ideal amount of water, but there is little disagreement on the need for regular consumption.  Try to add a glass or two of water to your morning and afternoon routines.

Race Day - During a race, your body will go through a lot of water and minerals.  Be sure to hydrate before, during and after a race to maintain your body's fluids.  Some racers add sports drinks to their race day routine.  They can help replace lost minerals.  Hot race days will increase your body's fluid loss.  One thing to consider - facilities can be few and far between at many races.  Avoid over-hydrating, especially before the race!

Pre-Race Meal Portion Sizes

The appropriate size of your pre-race meal depends on three factors: the duration of your race, your size and the timing of the meal.

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