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Planning Pre-Race Meals

Cycling is an endurance sport.  Sustained energy plays a big role in performance during a race.  Good nutrition is one of the main contributors to a racer’s energy level.  Timing pre-race meals carefully is as important as choosing food items and portions wisely.  Here is the first installment of 3 on pre-race meals.


Food choices

Carbohydrates are an important source of energy.  A good pre-race meal includes a combination of simple sugars (fruit) and complex carbohydrates.  Fruit is a great source of simple sugars that can be quickly turned into fuel.  Bananas are particularly good because they contain potassium that can help prevent cramping.  Some Europhiles like Nutella for simple sugar, too.  Bagels and oatmeal are great sources of complex carbohydrates that provide the sustained energy racers need for long races.


Some racers include energy bars, gels and drinks in their pre-race and mid-race nutrition plans.  Single serving gels and drinks are easy to consume during a race and provide a quick jolt of energy.  Bars tend to be higher in calories, but also tend to take longer to digest.  That means their energy takes longer to arrive and they can create an uncomfortable full feeling during hard efforts.  These should be eaten at least 45 minutes before a race.  Meal replacement drinks are another good source of calories (fuel) before an event.  They’re convenient and balanced in their calorie make-up.  Like bars, they can create a full feeling, so drink them well before a race.

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