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MCF member clubs welcome new members of all levels. Here are just a few.

Nomad Marketing Cycling Team

Contact:  Jason Lardy
Website:  Nomad Marketing

Loon State Cyclists
Contact:  Mike Delaney
Website:  Loon State Cyclists
Contact:  Ryan Marsel
Website:  Little Guy Racing

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Pre-Race Meal Portion Sizes

The appropriate size of your pre-race meal depends on three factors: the duration of your race, your size and the timing of the meal.

The longer the race you're competing in and the heavier you are, the larger your pre-race meal should be. The closer your pre-race meal falls to the race start, the smaller it should be. If you're able to eat four hours out, you can safely consume up to 1,000 calories. If you eat just two hours before the start, eat a smaller meal of 300 to 400 calories.  This is very important to remember if you race early in the morning.  Sleep is important too!

Keeping your energy up is important during the race, as well.  Eating a 100-200 calorie energy bar about an hour before the race will make a bridge between your pre-race meal and the race itself.  If you’re racing in a longer road race, keep portion sizes to 100 calories or so of energy gel to give you a quick boost or keep yourself from bonking.

Next week:  Meal timing


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