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MCF member clubs welcome new members of all levels. Here are just a few.
Flat City Cycling Club
Contact:  Matt Anderson

Ramsey Cycling Club

Contact:  David Lunde


Athletes Under Construction
Contact:  Larry Martin


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Road Equipment

Road bikes sport many high-tech features and materials.

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Road Training

Prepare your body for your first race.                                                    

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Road Skills

Learn the secrets of the peloton.                                     

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Single-Day Races

As the name implies, single-day races include 1 race event on a single day.  The first competitor to cross the finish line after completing the prescribed course is declared the winner.

Race distances vary from a few kilometres to more than 200 km. Courses may run from place to place or comprise one or more laps of a circuit; some courses combine both, ie: taking the riders from a starting place and then finishing with several laps of a circuit (usually to ensure a good spectacle for spectators at the finish). Races over short circuits (often in town or city centres) are known as criteriums. Some races, known as handicaps, are designed to match riders of different abilities and/or ages; groups of slower riders start first, with the fastest riders starting last and so having to race harder and faster to catch other competitors.  Famous single day races include the Spring Classics in Europe:

  • Paris-Roubaix
  • etc.

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