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Road Equipment
Road Racing BikeThe most important things about a racing bicycle are its light weight and the aerodynamic efficiency and ergonomics of the rider's position. To this effect racing bicycles may sacrifice comfort for speed. The drop handlebars are positioned lower than the saddle in order to put the rider in a more aerodynamic posture. The front and back wheels are close together so the bicycle has quick handling. The derailleur gear ratios are closely-spaced so that the rider can pedal at his or her optimum cadence.

UCI Road Bike Regulations

The UCI (Union Cycliste International) specifies design elements and dimensions for race-approved road bikes.

Choosing The Right Frame Size

The key measurement in determining the right frame size is the distance between the pedals and the saddle - or the distance between the ball of the foot and groin.

Frame sizes are identified using the measurement of the seat tube.  Most bike manufacturers measure from the center of the bottom bracket to the center of the top tube.  So, a 56 cm bike will have a seat tube length of 56 cm.

Saddle Height

Saddle height is the distance from the top of the saddle to the pedal axle when the pedal is at the farthest point from the saddle and that crank arm is parallel to the seat tube Most beginning cyclists set their seats too low, causing fatigue and knee stress. There are many methods for estimating the optimal saddle height. Two common methods rely on inseam length as the key measurement. They are easy to perform without help from someone else and give a starting point for saddle height.

Saddle Position

Saddle position has a lot to do with power and comfort.  A seat that is very far forward can sacrifice comfort in favor of power.  Track sprinters and crit racers often put their saddles as far forward as possible to maximize power.  Time trialists have special challenges.  The UCI mandates that the saddle on a TT bike be 5 cm behind the bottom bracket.  That means you'll see many time trialists riding on the front of the saddle to maximize power.  They're putting their bodies in a tremendously uncomfortable position, though!

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