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Practice makes perfect, right?  That's certainly true, but overtraining can be a mind-numbing and painful result of overemphasizing cycling in a fitness routine.

Crosstraining can help alleviate boredom from too much time on the bike and can help build strength and endurance.  Crosstraining is a great way to strengthen muscle groups that get neglected while cycling.  It can also help improve cycling strength by asking those muscle groups to do things in new and different ways.

Endurance sports are obviously compatible with cycling.  Running, swimming, skiing and speedskating are all common outlets for cyclists.  Skiing in particular helps keep cyclists fit during the brutal days of winter - when the only serious cycling that's really possible is on the trainer or rollers.

Here are some keys to successfully integrating crosstraining into your fitness efforts:

  • Choose wisely.  Pick activities that you enjoy and that don't require a lot fo new equipment or prep time.  Run or "race walk" on winter or spring weekdays.  Weekends are great for cross-country skiing or going for a long run.
  • Go uphill.  Whenever possible, include hills in your endurance training.  The added effort your quads endure will strengthen your cycling.
  • Don't ignore the bike.  Be sure to keep cycling - even if it means the trainer.  But keep those workouts short and intense for maximum benefit.


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