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MCF member clubs welcome new members of all levels. Here are just a few.
Contact:  Dag Selander
Website:  MNJRC
Omnium Racing
Contact:  Megan Kelly
Website:  Omnium Racing
Twin Cities Spoke of the IC3
Contact:  Jeannie Scholz

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Track Equipment

One gear.  No brakes.  Pure speed!                                  

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Track Training

Track racing demands rigorous training.               

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Track Skills

Go fast.  Turn left.  And a lot more!                       

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Track Racing
MN Track Race at NSC VelodromeVelodrome racing has been called “NASCAR on Two Wheels”.  Blazing speed, gravity-defying turns and spectacular crashes make Velodrome racing one of the most awe-inspiring spectator sports around.
At first glance, Velodrome racing, also called “track racing” is a chaotic, confusing sport.  Once you’ve seen a night of racing, the uniqueness of the events create memorable impressions that are only amplified by the simplicity of the competition.  Track bikes have one gear and no brakes – the epitome of simplicity.

The Velodrome Track

Velodromes are steeply-banked oval cycling arenas.  The purpose of the track’s design is to provide racers a smooth predictable surface on which to maintain the highest speed possible.

Track Categories and Upgrades

All track upgrades are processed by the Velodrome Managers using the following criteria (ATRA guidelines):

For a new rider licensing with USA Cycling for the first time, the Track Category starts at 5.


Race Formats

Track cycling events fit into two broad categories, Sprint races and Endurance races. Riders will fall into one category and not compete in the other. Riders with good all round ability in the junior ranks will decide to focus on one area or another before moving up to the senior ranks.