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MCF member clubs welcome new members of all levels. Here are just a few.
Minneapolis Bicycle Racing Club
Contact:  Jim Flanders
Website:  Flanders/MBRC
NSC Velo
Contact:  Bob Williams
Website:  NSC Velodrome
Contact:  Jared Roy
Website:  Crossniacs

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Track Equipment

One gear.  No brakes.  Pure speed!                                  

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Track Training

Track racing demands rigorous training.               

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Track Skills

Go fast.  Turn left.  And a lot more!                       

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Track Categories and Upgrades

All track upgrades are processed by the Velodrome Managers using the following criteria (ATRA guidelines):

For a new rider licensing with USA Cycling for the first time, the Track Category starts at 5.

Cat. 5 to Cat. 4:    Complete a Velodrome Class or 4 race days.
Cat. 4 to Cat. 3:    5 race days and 20 points
Cat. 3 to Cat. 2:    5 race days and 25 points
Cat. 2 to Cat. 1:    5 race days and 30 points

National championships, Category A, B, or C track race will be 7, 5,3,2,1 for each event.

For all other events, upgrade points are 5,3,2,1 and are based on an omnium of the event’s races.

Additional Considerations:
1. Ten person field minimum for category 3-5 and 20 person field minimum for upgrade to category 1.
2. Fifty percent of Upgrading points and number of times raced will be carried over to the next year. Points do not carry over to the next category.
3. When upgrading to a Cat. 1, points earned need to be from more than one velodrome.
4. A race day is defined as one full day of racing. A race day can include a number of events such as a kilometer, sprints or time trial, but it only counts as one race day.
5. Women and Juniors earn one point for every five race days when upgrading from Cat. 4 through Cat. 2.
6. Races exempt from upgrading are Youth races and races of more than two categories (ie: “A” and “B” races).
7. Results from other velodromes will be considered for upgrading only if the races were run under a USA Cycling permit.

With the approval of a USAC licensed track coach, riders who are Pro or category 1 on the road may be upgraded to category 2 on the track and riders who are category 2 on the road may be upgraded to category 3 on the track without first having to begin at category 5.

USA Cycling may add additional requirements for upgrading at their discretion. Any such changes shall be made available on the website.

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