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MCF member clubs welcome new members of all levels. Here are just a few.

University of MN Cycling Team

Contact:  Ken Hum

Omnium Racing
Contact:  Megan Kelly
Website:  Omnium Racing
Contact:  Jared Roy
Website:  Crossniacs

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No events scheduled

Track Equipment

One gear.  No brakes.  Pure speed!                                  

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Track Training

Track racing demands rigorous training.               

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Track Skills

Go fast.  Turn left.  And a lot more!                       

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Race Formats

Track cycling events fit into two broad categories, Sprint races and Endurance races. Riders will fall into one category and not compete in the other. Riders with good all round ability in the junior ranks will decide to focus on one area or another before moving up to the senior ranks.

Sprint Races

Sprint races are generally between 3 and 8 laps in length and focus on raw sprinting power over a small number of laps and race tactics to defeat opponents. Sprint riders will train specifically to compete in races of this length and will not compete in longer endurance races.

  • Sprint
  • Team sprint
  • Keirin
  • Track time trial

Endurance Races

Endurance races are held over much longer distances. While these primarily test the riders endurance abilities, the ability to sprint effectively is also required in the Madison, Points Race and Strach Race. The length of these races varies from 12 - 16 laps for the Individual and Team Pursuit races, right up to 200 laps for a full length Madison race in World Championships or Olympic Games.

  • Individual pursuit
  • Team pursuit
  • Scratch race
  • Points race
  • Madison
  • Handicap
  • Miss and Out, Elimination or 'Devil Take the Hindmost'

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