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Track Equipment
Track BikeTrack bicycles have no brakes and only one gear. The gear is “fixed” and so doesn’t allow the rider to “freewheel” or coast. Riders apply backward pressure to the pedals to slow the bike.  The size or development of the gear may be changed according to the rider’s ability or the type of event.  Since the track surface is very smooth, tires can weigh from 4-8 oz and can be inflated to very high pressures – often as high as 180 psi.  This enhances a track bicycle’s speed well beyond a typical road bike.  

The geometry of a track bicycle differs from one used on the road by having:
  • higher bottom bracket so the pedals do not touch a steeply banked track
  • steeper seat tube for a more powerful aerodynamic position
  • steeper head tube for more responsive steering
  • less fork rake
  • typical track frames use 120mm spacing for the rear hub
  • rear axle dropouts face rearwards to facilitate chain tension adjustment with very tight clearances in front of the rear tire that would prevent wheel removal with forward facing dropouts.
Equipment From A Trackie's Perspective

While there is no shortage of expensive track equipment available, the advantage of a high-tech track bike is arguably less than the advantage of a high-tech road bike.  Much of what makes a road bike expensive (brakes, gears) doesn’t exist on a track bike.  Because of this, all track bikes tend to be fairly light, so that even a cheap track bike won’t be that much heavier than the UCI lower weight limit.  Many experienced track racers do very well on classic steel track frames and classic components; you don’t see that very often on the road.

Having said this, the devil is in the details when it comes to track equipment, and understanding the equipment will help you to understand the sport.  So, let me cover the bike piece-by-piece.  I’ll start with the things that are generally the same as on the road, and then discuss the things that are always different.

- Dan Curell, Cat 1 Track, Cat 2 Road, St. Paul Bicycle Racing Club


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