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Ramsey Cycling Club

Contact:  David Lunde

Minneapolis Bicycle Racing Club
Contact:  Jim Flanders
Website:  Flanders/MBRC
Contact:  Dag Selander
Website:  MNJRC

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Track bars traditionally curve more sharply downward into the drops in order to make room for your forearms when your hands are on the drops.  Track bikes invariably come equipped with such track-style handlebars.  But in truth, different racers have different preferences, and not all prefer that format.  If you watch elite international track racing, you’ll notice a growing minority of riders with unusual bar formats that allow them to hang on to the bars at a point where the brake levers would be on a road bike.

The one consistent feature of track bars is that they are narrower than what you might ride on the road.  Smaller riders will ride 38cm bars, and larger riders will ride 40cm bars – even if on the road they would be riding 42cm or 44cm bars.  Given the tight spacing of riders on the track, it makes sense to have the narrower bars.

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