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But Isn't It Dangerous?

Some roadies appear to think that track racing must be just like a criterium with no brakes.  That would be a crash-fest, but track racing is nothing like that.  

I think it’s fair to say that track racing is about as dangerous as road racing, minus the risk of hitting a lamp-post or a parked car.  (Velodrome designers have cleverly omitted those, too.)  In other words, crashes happen, perhaps more frequently than on the road, but some of the worst-case scenarios have been eliminated on the track.  You can’t go flying over a guardrail, and race organizers will never have to spend 30 minutes looking for you in a ravine.

By way of illustration, in the Beijing Olympics, by my count, there was one crash in all of the mass start track races combined.  About 1,000 laps of the track in total;  one crash.  

Another take: as a road racer I would expect to crash two or three times in a full season of 50 races or so.  On the track, I would expect about the same.

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