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Track Spring Training

Track cycling training pacelineRemember cyclists are athletes. That means that things like flexibility, agility, strength and power are important attributes to have as a foundation for later training. Spend time stretching, working on core strength exercises as well as the major muscles needed specifically for cycling. In the long run it will help to prevent injuries or fatigue that could derail your plans for the season.

Keys to success:

Lay a foundation - Despite the fact that you may have been busting a gut on the trainer or in the gym this winter, avoid the temptation to come out and do maximum efforts on the road as soon as the weather permits. Instead, use the cooler temperatures to work on regaining your pedal stroke.

Pace yourself
- Remember the season runs until September. There is no use in blowing everything in June. Use the early season to build up so you can peak in July and August.

Avoid nagging injuries - Some of the typical problems in early spring training are nagging injuries.  Knee pains and saddle sores are common. Give yourself time to break in!

Start small - In the old days, riders wouldn't start to go up in gear until they had completed 1,000 miles in small "training gears".  When doing efforts, slowly run up the speed while trying to stay in the saddle and keep an efficient pedal stroke without bouncing etc.

Check your gear - Replace worn parts now so they don't fail you during the season. Make sure you have the clothing you will need to use as the season unwinds.

- Make sure you are getting plenty of rest and recovery time. With all the new stresses you are putting on your body it is easy to get run down and sick.